MPK-50 Mini crane


11,000 lbs9'10" x 3'11" x 5'8"30'2"20'

Pure innovation. Totally radio remote-controlled, battery powered, 5 ton pick & carry, patented boom rotation system and frontal stabilizer bar make this crane one of a kind.


MPK-50 Mini crane
1 Modular Fly JIB Modular Fly JIB

Two modular sections, with tilting head.
Pulley mode or hook mode

2 Hydraulic Winch Hydraulic Winch

- 2,204 lb capacity
- 196.8' wire rope

3 Boom Rotation Boom Rotation

Innovative boom rotation system + 5° / - 5 °

4 Rechargable Batteries Rechargable Batteries
5 Frontal Traction Frontal Traction

Frontal hydraulic traction for a perfect grip, powerful in any condition

6 Frontal Stabilizer Frontal Stabilizer

Increasing stability and lifting capacity

7 Electronic LMI Electronic LMI

- Automatic stability control
- Plug & Play
- Diagnostic troubleshooting
- Friendly display with all the information
- Full safety respect EN13000

8 Radio Remote Control Radio Remote Control


Dimensions 9’10” x 3’11” x 5’8″
Weight Pounds
Minipicker MPK50 7,590
Counterweight 2,200
Hookblock / Capacity 5T-D8 22
Jib Module 1800 / 60
Module 700 / 45
Tot. 105
Manipulator MV600 440
Electrical System N. 2 – 24V
620 Ah
Power 12,0 kW
16,1 Hp
Main Winch 2,200 lbs
196′ 10″m – Ø 5/16″
148 ft/min
Travel Speed 6.4 mph
Gradeability 20°



Standard Equipment

All basic equipment of mini cranes Jekko, From applications to accessories placed on all machines

Anti Two Block (A2B)

This switch prevents the hook from blocking or from being pulled against the boom end.

Bubble Level

To check correct stabilization

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

Onboard diagnostic system for troubleshooting

Frontal Stabilizer

LED Working Light

Light positioned on the boom for operation at night

Load Moment Indicator (LMI)

The LMI prevents overload or tipping of the machine.

Low Marking Tires

White rubber wheels leaving no traces

Pick & Carry (P&C)

The machine can move on its tracks while the load is lifted up.

Radio Remote Control + 2 batteries

Scanreco proportional multipurpose radio remote control with additional battery

Single Line Hook

Hook for single line pull of the rope.


The Jemmy software manages all the machine functions

Tower Lamp

Tower lights (green/yellow/red) that signal errors and dangers

Transportation Anchor Points

Anchor points for handling and transport of the minicrane


All mini cranes Jekko can be customized depending on the industry for which they should be used.

Battery Charger

Personalized Colour

Customized paint colour, choice of engine housing/boom or complete crane.

Pulley Block

Pulley used to configure the different parts of line

Mechanical Jib

Mechanical jib with varied angles and manual extension

Winch with 410' of cable

Optional winch with up to 410' of cable.

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