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Leonardo Dei Tos visits Jekko

Posted on 27 April 2018 Category:

After the first medal with Jekko and the first part of the season, the young race walker Leonardo Dei Tos tells us about his upcoming goals during his latest visit to our site in Godega di Sant’Urbano.

“The goals for this year were different, but unfortunately getting flu a couple of inconvenient times and some accidents that were worse than expected stopped me from getting to the events for selecting the Italian teams in shape, the events that I always took part in last year,” he admits, and as a consequence he had to alter his season, including a couple of national races of great technical value and an international race from now up to the end of June.
The next events for Leonardo will therefore be:

5 May in Bolzano with the first regional stage of the club Championship; all of Italy’s most competitive athletes will take part, divided by region according to the club they belong to (Leonardo’s club is in Trentino Alto Adige and that’s why he’ll be competing in Bolzano). In this competition, the contenders will distinguish themselves by their times, which are assigned a score, and the sum of the scores of the athletes in the same club determine the rankings for the 12 best clubs which will compete for the championship. 10 km on track; BOLZANO

8 and 9 June in ALYTUS (Lithuania) international race over 20 km on the first day and 5 km the second day. Athletes who go on to summer events like the World and European Championships often take part in this competition as well. In 2017 Leonardo came 2nd in the rankings and he’s very optimistic about the outcome this year.

23–24 June Final of the club Championship mentioned above. Italy’s best 12 clubs will compete in this race (Gold Final, there will also be a Silver and B final). Last year, his Athletic Club Bolzano got to the sixth place, and is confident about making it to the podium this year. 10 km on track. MODENA

“I’d like to take the opportunity once more to thank Diego Tomasella, Mauro Tonon and the whole of Jekko for the support they’ve given me and above all in this tricky first part of the year for me.”


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