JF545 V-Max: Maximum versatility, endless possibilities

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With the new V-Max, Jekko expands the versatility of the JF545

With the introduction of the JF 545 V-Max, the new version of the JF545 articulated crawler crane, Jekko has raised the bar for all other minicranes on the market.

The JF545 V-Max features a specially designed jib that fits a collection of new attachment tools whose operation requires an elevated quantity and pressure of oil.  These tools include an auger, a grapple saw, a clamshell bucket, and others.  The V-Max also features an additional and independent hydraulic circuit with cooling radiator to keep the oil at a constant temperature, even under heavy use.

The V-Max version features all of the standard JF545 characteristics that have come to be valued by operators:

  • Extensive stabilization configurations
  • Compact size for maximum accessibility in confined spaces
  • Great lifting capacity (17 t)
  • Outstanding reach (91 feet)
  • Elevated maximum operating height (98 feet)
  • Triple articulated boom (when jib is installed),
  • Removable counterweight


In addition, the V-Max includes all of the attachments of the standard JF545, like the work platform, the man basket, vacuum manipulator for glazed panes, the winch, and others.

 JF545 V-Max operators can choose from a wide range of applications. Even though the standard model is already very versatile and easily adapts to a variety of operational environments, the V-Max allows for even more varied applications, most notably a range of tasks in the tree care industry.


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