JekkoUSA helps “support the arts” at Boston University

Posted on 16 July 2017 Category:

In July of 2017, Boston University employed two Jekko minicranes to install decorative and structural glasswork in the Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre and Boston University Production Center on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

In one phase, the construction team used a Jekko SPX 1040 to lift and place 17 decorative vertical glass “fins”, each measuring 40′ long and 3″ thick.

In another phase, the project managers used an MPK 20 with a Woods Power Grip glass attachment to lift, hold and mount 60, 8’x12′ structural glass pieces—each of which weighed between 1,200 and 2,300 lbs—to the top floor of the building.

The BU theatre building is one of the few buildings in North America in which glass is structurally supported by glass and not steel.

→ See JekkoUSA’s newest orientation video about the MPK 20 and MR 800 glass handler.

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