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 JekkoUSA announced today that it will be exhibiting at the 2023 CONEXPO-CON/AGG — North America’s largest construction-industry trade show — in Las Vegas, March 14-18.

Fascan International, Jekko’s official dealer in the United States, will represent the Italian company and will be displaying as many as 11 models of Jekko minicranes and minipickers – including the brand new SPX328, JF235 and MPK20R models.



The visitors to Fascan’s 18,000 square-foot exhibition area (Festival Lot, Booth F9627) will get to see several Jekko models up close, including:

 The SPX328, SPX532, SPX650 telescopic crawler cranes

  • SPX328 is Jekko’s newest model, a crawler crane weighing 5070 lb, featuring a maximum load capacity of 6172 lb, a maximum height with main boom of 34’ 1” and with jib of 42’. This machine is 9’ 8’’ long, 2’ 5’’ wide and 5’ 3’’ high, and it is powered by lithium-ion batteries. This cutting-edge model is fitted with a user-friendly radio remote control and a revolutionary user interface accessible on a 10” interactive touchscreen featuring an IP67 Protection Rating for operation in any yard and in any weather. This system guides the operator step by step during all stages of use. The SPX328 is equipped with the first 100% electric jib totally independent from the minicrane hydraulics and operated with a dedicated radio control.

 The JF235, JF545 and JF990 models of the JF Series of articulated crawler cranes

  • JF235 is the newest and smallest bi-energy powered model of the range: 15’ 7’’ long, 5’ 3’’ wide and 8’ 8’’ high, it features a main boom and a jib, each with 4 extensions, and delivers the same performance of the larger JF models, lifting up to 13560 lb and reaching as far as 49’ high with its main boom and 83’ high with its jib. The JF235 is equipped with the same 7” touchscreen of the SPX328 which makes it easy to configure the crane parameters before starting operation.

 The MPK06, MPK10 and MPK20R minipickers

  • The MPK20R is the new version of the MPK20 electric minipicker. It measures 8’ 7’’ x 3’ 11’’ x 5’ 9’’ in size, and is battery-powered. It weighs 3201 lb and has a maximum capacity of 4410 lb, reaching as high as 22’. The main boom features a manual extension in addition to two hydraulic extensions in order to hoist as much as 1102 lb at a maximum reachable height of 23’.
  • Major innovations are the turret rotating +/-6° on both sides, and the possible installation of a 1323 lb or 2182 lb glass manipulator. It is fitted with a radio remote control and a 5” display.

Jekko will also be exhibiting the JVL450 and JVL600 vacuum lifters.  They feature a maximum lifting capacity of 992 lbs and 1323 lbs, respectively.




In addition to the newest lifting solutions recently launched on the market by Jekko, the company’s US official dealer Fascan International has organized a charitable initiative for this event: a lottery offering as a prize a $90,000 MPK20 minipicker customized on purpose for this show.

The lottery tickets are sold at a price of $500.00 and all the proceeds will fund the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a center supplying services and programs to support families with children having autism spectrum disorders, and involved in the study of several other disorders.

The owners of Fascan International, Bernie and Mike Faloney, sympathize with this topic and have passionately set up this fundraising to raise awareness on autism and positively contribute to support the families involved.

The draw of this charitable lottery will take place during Conexpo 2023 on March 17th at the Fascan International F9627 stand.


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