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1322.8 lbs6'2" x 4.6" x 4.2"

UNIVERSAL GLASS MANIPULATOR with 3 Different Movements

Glass manipulators are used for accurate handling and installation of glass panes, and are faster and more efficient than a single suction cup since a single operator can pick up and lift the pane to the required height and place it in the position for fixing to the building structure.
MV600R.E+ can lift panes of up to 1320 lbs. The operator controls the manipulator by an independent radio remote control: extremely precise movements in all four directions are possible as well as tilt and rotation. In compliance with the relevant regulations, suction cups can be used for any non-porous material.

Available for ANY CRANE Number of Pads 4 8
Dimensions 6’2″ x 4.6″ x 4.2″ Factory Use 661.3 lbs 1322.8 lbs
Number of Pads 4+4 Building Site Use * 330.6 lbs 661.3 lbs
Electrical System 24 Vdc
Maximum SWL 1322.8 lbs
Total Weight 441 lbs
Pad Diameter 15.7″
Tilting Angle +30° / – 90°
Slewing Angle 95°
Rotation Angle -40° / +40°
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