Minicrane Articulated Crawler Cranes


995 kg (CE)2180 x 780 x 1750 mm8 m6.8 m

The crane for anybody looking for user-friendlyness and great lifting capacity compared to the stabilization area. Dynamic and compact, it’s the only Jekko mini crane with a running board that allows the operator to drive the crane directly from the cockpit.

Dimensions 2180 x 780 x 1750 mm
Stabilization Area 3372 x 3372 mm
Weight kg
Crane JF 30 1440
Counterweight /
Hookblock / Capacity  TF0500 12
Jib JIB N 13
JIB P 10
Engine YAMAHA MZ 360 Petrol
Power 7,6kW – 10.4 Hp
Main Winch 600 kg                                       36 m – Ø 6 mm                       27-35 m/min
Max Outrigger Load 1050 kg
Max Track Load 0,32 kg/cm2
Travel Speed  2,6 km/h
Gradeability  25°

Standard Equipment

All basic equipment of mini cranes Jekko, From applications to accessories placed on all machines



with hydraulic motor and pinion.

Manual Levers

On the minicrane dashboard.

Foldable driver's footboard


All mini cranes Jekko can be customized depending on the industry for which they should be used.

Radio Remote Control + 2 batteries

Scanreco proportional multipurpose radio remote control with additional battery


Low Marking White Tracks

Low marking white tracks for indoor operation.

Outriggers Mats and Tray

Outrigger mats for weight distribution and effective stabilization

Power Pack

400V or 220V additional electric motor (North America)

Manual extension

Manual extension for main boom or jib

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